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Welcome to my Garden

When it's time to bloom with grace

Close-up of a brown butterfly sitting on an orange flower

Everything in nature is designed to grow into the fullest expression of itself: a caterpillar grows into a butterfly, an acorn grows into an oak tree, a rosebud grows into a rose. Everything has greatness already programmed into it; and that is true for you too.

The same natural intelligence that knows how to turn a bud into a blooming flower also knows how to turn you into the fullest expression of yourself and guide you toward the highest vision for your life. The only difference between a flower and you is that you can say no.

Magic of Grace is an invitation to say yes to who you're really here to be – a glorious gift to the world.

The universe is fully invested in your growth and always moving in the direction of greater love and greater wisdom. The moment a problem arises, the universe has already created a miraculous solution to replace it. All that is asked of you is that you keep your heart open to bring it forth.

Close-up of a hand gently touching a purple hydrangea flower

All you could ever want comes through the heart.

A field of blooming white, red, and pink poppy flowers

The way to unleash your inner wisdom, your natural creativity and unique genius, your Source-ness, is by going within where they already exist and bringing them with you wherever you go. The moment you turn within, your heart begins to burst into bloom. Here – within yourself – is everything you’re seeking.

Magic of Grace is for you if you're longing for

a deeper, more loving connection with yourself
courage to take action on the knowing of your heart
clarity and certainty around your purpose
readiness to navigate the inner and outer with grace

Grace is your natural state.

The “work” is in giving up what obscures your true nature and clouds your natural gifts. Giving up means that you release your hold on it and let it be, just like in that beautiful Beatles song. We practice that by bringing love, by accepting and allowing and welcoming what is.

Whatever arises, arises as an invitation always – to remember who you are and to reemerge in all your glory.

When you show up completely for what arises in your life, your inner being blossoms. Your gesture of kindness builds a bridge to the perfect love within you. Here you can replenish yourself by steeping in the invisible force that turns the caterpillar into the butterfly, the acorn into the oak tree, the bud into the flower, and you into the one you came here to be.

Field of red poppies gently swinging in the wind

What is the ground on which you flourish?

Magic of Grace is a place for you to reorient yourself and to reawaken what shines from within as pure being illumining your garden. We go within not because we want to escape the world, but so that we can be more useful and content in it. The more rooted you are within – in the deeper knowing of your heart – the more you’re able to bloom with grace.

Spiritual mentoring to set yourself free

Gift of Grace

Mentoring Session

You’ll be guided to go within and connect with the wisdom of your heart so that everything you do is infused with love and aligned with your highest potential.

Spinning Gold

6 Month Mentorship

You’ll be guided to develop a supportive spiritual practice and strengthen your inner muscles so you can turn straw into gold and extend your gifts to the world.

Let's work together if you're seeking to

live your life in a spirit-led way
be more in tune with your own inner cycles of growth
hear the wisdom that emerges from within
develop trust in your gifts and abilities

I'm a writer, mentor, creative spirit, and intuitive. I'm here to walk with you on the magical journey of unfurling and unfolding into who you really are and why you're here – your deeper truth and true worth.

Child of God, you were created to create the good, the beautiful and the holy. Do not forget this.

—A Course in Miracles

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Are you ready for some magic?

Let’s begin!

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