Spinning Gold

6 Month Mentorship

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Spinning Gold is an invitation to deepen your spiritual practice and build spiritual strength.

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Love is a muscle – it grows stronger with use.

Spinning Gold is an invitation to deepen your spiritual practice and build spiritual strength. Love is a muscle - it grows stronger with use.


The angel in the marble

Spinning Gold is a dedicated time to reveal your golden core – the spiritual essence of who you really are. Instead of trying to "make" ourselves more radiant, we’re removing the layers of conditioning that hide what already shines from within. Like Michelangelo, we get rid of the excess marble that surrounds God’s perfect creation.

Spinning straw into gold

Spiritual practice works only if we do it. While we exercise our body’s muscles to build physical strength, we work our spiritual muscles to build inner strength. Spinning Gold is a promise to turn whatever comes your way into greater love and greater wisdom – weaving the gold that lies within you into your life and world.

Spinning Gold is for you if you're seeking to

cultivate a daily spiritual practice that supports and uplifts you
restore your holiness to your awareness
develop and maintain a posture of loving yourself
create a microcosm of love

How does a mentorship work?

We connect for 2 sessions/month and via email in-between sessions for ongoing support.

Your opening session will be used to gather what brings you here and clarify your intention for your mentorship. Your closing session will be used to gather the love you've received and the lessons you've learned in the past 6 months and ponder what's next.

Sessions are cumulative, each session building on the next, helping you find the answers you seek and, having found them, make sure they stay with you and you remain with them.

What happens in a session?

We connect for 90 minutes via video call and (with your permission) record your session.

You share with me what's up for you and where you feel stuck.

I listen without judgement and guide you deeper inside, where you connect with your inner guidance and tap into your inner resources.

We explore the way that love is pointing out to you and work with "what is" with a variety of allowance-based techniques.

You'll notice immediate shifts in yourself and will be able to further integrate the work via the mp3 recording.

What's my contribution?

A Spinning Gold Mentorship is €222/month, paid via credit card. The minimum commitment is 6 months, which allows you to get really serious with yourself, and which allows me to offer you sessions at a lower rate.

How do I get started?

If you're ready to spin everything into gold, or if you have any questions about my mentorship program, please use the form below to reach out. I'll be in touch via email within 48 hours.

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