Spiritual mentoring to set yourself free

Anything is possible with love.

Love is a practical way of being and of little use if only understood with the mind. But when woven into the fabric of everyday life, love becomes utterly transformative. What's done without love is done in vain, but what's done with love is yours forever and can never be lost.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were to lay aside the thoughts that hide your gifts from you, and exchange them for your gentleness. Who would you be and what would be possible for you in the world if you were giving yourself the loving support and counsel you desire?

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What You Practice Grows Stronger

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Being present

Learn to stay with what arises in the present moment instead of habitually moving away from the only time there is. When you look upon what is as holy, you'll see the promise that the present holds.

Being kind

Learn to love and support your human instead of strengthening what causes you pain. When you learn to relax with yourself, you’ll be more likely to let go of harmful patterns and choose joy.

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Being receptive

Learn to make yourself available to greater love and greater wisdom instead of closing your heart to it. When you live from the inside out, your heart will open to receive all that you came here to be.

Let's Work Together

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Gift of Grace

Mentoring Session

You’ll be guided to go within and connect with the wisdom of your heart so that everything you do is infused with love and aligned with your highest potential.

Spinning Gold

6 Month Mentorship

You’ll be guided to develop a supportive spiritual practice and strengthen your inner muscles so you can turn straw into gold and extend your gifts to the world.

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grow deeper into what you love
let go into easeful unfurling in place of struggle and strive
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